What does a guy mean when he calls you cute?

I have been called hot a couple of times, but I seem to get called cute more WHY?


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  • Cute usually indicates somewhat innocent looking, upbeat, care-free, fun, pleasant.

    As opposed to "hot" which usually alludes to arousing, passionate, intense, lustful.

    Honestly, it's really hard to put into words, but hopefully you get the general idea. The two words aren't black and white contrasts/ If you are worried about being considered "cute" but not "hot", don't be. Being "cute" is not inferior to being "hot".

    (This is my basic understanding based on how I and my friends use the words, some guys may be different)


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  • I think cute means you are pleasant to be around, and hot means you are pleasant to be inside. I think the first is preferable.

  • DeadKennedy is pretty much on the ball there, but sexually, there usually isn't a difference between hot or cute.


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