I guess I'm looking for something impossible

I am 31 years old and have been single for far too long. I keep looking but everyone I see says they are successful, fit, ambitious. That's all good, but not for me. I'm actually looking for someone who shares my video game addiction. I just want someone who is dependable that can be like a best friend...but more. A fellow underachiever, where would they be?


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  • I dazzled in gaming myself and I've ran into the rare couple who game together but like I said it's rare.

    Why should that person be an underachiever? It appears to me that you’re just looking for that right type of person who will share your interests and hobbies while connecting on an emotional level. Personal achievements shouldn't be something you weight heavily.

    Not so much help I know but the only way to find your missing puzzle peace is look. Not an easy undertaking for a gamer who spends most of there free time in front of the computer or TV but not impossible.

    Participate in social gaming events. You’re only going to run into people who share your hobby at such an event and like I said… the only way to find the right guy for you is by looking.


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  • Have you consider joining the game industry? I am pretty sure all the guys in the game industry are game addicts (video and pc) and the ratio of men to women is like 30 : 1 (well at least in my company, too bad I am in Australia ;- ) ). Or maybe try playing more online games, that might help.

  • Sorry I live on the moon and will not be back down until my oxygen levels reach critical. See you in a few years.

  • YAY underachievers. Why do people take life to seriously? It's not like we're going to live to see the end.

    Just know you have a fellow underachiever here in texas.


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