Any idea how to hide/repaint over a label on a waxed jacket?
love the jacket but hate letting people know its abercrombie. can this be painted over or tailored somehow? thank you


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  • Grab red velvet material, scissors, needles and thread and hand it to me!! Haha I'll make that Abercrombie crap disappear in no time..

    You just need to sow material over it

    • can a tailor do it? its a waxed jacket.

    • Oh wait it's on the arm? Whoa? The letters? I was talking about the label lol 🙈 Omgee
      Nah you can't get it off if ts on the arm lol

  • It doesn't even show that says Abercrombie

    • it says in huge embarassing letters, abercrombie, on the arm

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