Is it just me or are women's clothes significantly superior than men's clothing?

I appreciate women's fashion. I like how women dress up and I like how the right clothes can turn a 7 with a good personality into a 9.

I saw this girl wearing this today:

This shirt looks so good. I love the textile nordic print on it. This got me thinking... Do men kind of get the shaft with clothing?
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Perhaps, its the women who make the clothes...


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  • "Perhaps, its the women who make the clothes..."
    Actually, I would say most of the fashion designers are men. Many of them are homosexual men.
    Why women's fashion is superior? Well because of media and our society. Women are told everyday that they should look good and dress nicely, wear make up etc. So they market a lot of beauty stuff for us.

    You have been brainswashed by society too "I appreciate women's fashion. I like how women dress up and I like how the right clothes can turn a 7 with a good personality into a 9." You think girls who wear nice clothes look better and therefor are better women in general.

    Men are not expected to put so much effort into looking good.

    • "You think girls who wear nice clothes look better and therefor are better women in general."

      I disagree with this comment. Women who put effort into the way they dress look great.

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    • @SuklaaTryffeli Listen, I know you're trying to put words into my mouth. I can speak for myself. I think women who put effort into the way that they dress says a lot about their personality and that they have respect for themselves and the rest of society.

      You're not unattractive. Dress smart so that you can treat yourself better and in turn others will treat you better.

      And yes, I am willing to admit that I desire a lady whose appearance pleases me and puts is interested in fashion and puts effort into the way that she dresses because I am interested in fashion and I put effort into the way that I dress, too.

    • Sorry, my intention was not to put words into your mouth. I siply didn't quite understand what you meant and wished you would ecplain yourself, wiich you did. Thank you.
      Wheb you put it that way, I understand now and you don't sound at all that shallow I though you were.
      I'm sorry if I offended you. Thank you for the compliment

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  • i agree lol. female fashion is so much more diverse than men's fashion to begin with, but i gotta say y'all have some pretty awesome things goin on. for example, i almost always love men's running shoes more than the womens... dont ask y, i haven't the slightest clue.
    @ ur update: so many male designers for female fashion

    • @justbanannaz I like men's colors more, but the women's cloth material and cuts lay much better and are more fitting for women.

      For example, look at this cut for this woman's dress...

      The closest I can get to this without looking like an idiot is my towel after a shower.

    • lol, well why would u want to look anything like that anyway? embrace male fashion more, it's still wonderful. just gotta look for the right pieces to make u look great.

    • I love women.

  • I'd have to say, that I agree. Walk to a mall or a clothing store. The women's section would be like 3 whole storys, filled with tons of different colors. Whereas the mens' section would only be 1 floor, and filled with mostly grays, blues, browns, and blacks. That's when I feel glad to be a woman XD

    • @thedevilinside, Even when I was a child my favorite section in the department store was the Women's Lingerie. My sister would make me be her bitch and carry her bags while she shopped and then I'd look up the mannequins skirt and my sister would beat me with her purse.

  • As a skinny boy, I wear some girls' clothes cuz they fit me better. ^ . ^' I think the main problem with a lot of guys' clothing is that it's kinda... shapeless. :I So I agree with u that the women's fashion looks better. :3

  • We get more choices and can have more fun with clothes, especially with shoes, accessories, and make-up.

    Clothes are a reason why it can be fun to be a girl.

  • Theirs cost a lot more, too. Plus, ours are shaped like clothes, so they all fit reasonably well. Theirs re shaped like women, so they have to get the exact right one for it to look right. There's trade offs everywhere.

    • Nikes clothes are the shit.

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    • @kheserthorpe The solution is a tailor, my friend.

    • for suits, of course, dress shirts, i get them made.

      Sweaters... hoodies... etc. that's the annoyance. Hell, even t-shirts I get shipped from another country -_-

  • I've found that guys' clothes are generally a lot more comfortable and warm than the average clothing for girls. For me, a lot of girls' clothes look really nice but are really uncomfortable to wear... I'm sure some disagree.

  • i wear these female clothes sometimes:

  • I think the men high fashion clothing is out there but since men do tend to choose simpler clothing marketers tend to target more simpler looks

  • As if I walk into a shop and get jealous of the men's clothes. You have it better ours is crappy.

  • Female fashion is more spectacular and out there but men have the comfier shit

    • @Linkywinky, You're right. Sweatpants and hoodies are very comfy, but what girl wants to date a guy who wears the same sweatpants and a hoody all day?

  • Dude, it just means you are shopping for crap clothing, lol.

    Women have a need for more variety in their apparel, men not so much. If you focus on obtaining well-tailored garments for a core wardrobe and have all/most of the pieces be interchangeable, your fashion will be killer--add in very carefully chosen details, like pocket squares, fabric, texture and weave, etc, and you'll be killing it.

    Women's fashion is about being loud and varied. Men's fashion is about subtle details.

    And I'd point out--as a man, you are likely inclined to be attracted to female fashion if you are straight, lol. And women--to female fashion, lol (no, women only occasionally dress for men, because most men won't notice; they dress for other women for status, lol).

    • @ScruffyNerfHerder Where do you shop?

      I like Japanese street culture urban apparel.

      But women can wear accessories and jewelry, and the most jewelry men can wear is a nice watch.

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    • I have heard a lot of good things about Japanese denim, it just isn't something I'm willing to drop $400 for, lol. Law of Decreasing Marginal Utility.

      Fully canvased is the lingo you're looking for, as it will better conform to your body and give the jacket a superior drape. As for Italian, English , or American jacket styling, I like to have a mixture for various occasions.

    • Yes full canvas. The three layer inside the well made jackets you can feel rather than just one in budget coats.

      But you also drop 100 plus on a Charvet dress shirt or a couple of g's for a Tom Ford suit and tie.

  • I disagreed because I love my threads. I shop at Brooks Brother.


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