Sexy sleepwear for GF help?

I am looking for some sexy sleeping clothes for my gf on our anniversary and are looking for opinions about some stuff I like.

Are those okay? Or should I go with something that is not thong? Like these

Obviously, in my opinion all of them are very sexy. the two thong are the most.

Would these be okay? I rely on your opinions! :)
  • All of them look nice. Love them!
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  • Only the non thong ones
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  • Dont like any of them (please show me suggestions on other)
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edit: Not really a fan of regular babydolls. At least not when it comes to sexy clothes. Teddys are more what I am looking for!


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  • I think the sexiest outfit someone can wear is technically being naked.


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  • One question... why exactly is it important that she looks sexy while sleeping? I mean, it's not like you're going to be awake to actually see her wear it. And if she's not going to wear it to bed, then what's the purpose? I'm pretty sure it would come off within a second or two after putting it on anyway, pointless. Why would you want to spend almost 30 dollars on some tacky and super revealing piece of STRING that you could practically make yourself, especially if she's barely even going to wear it at all? Might as well just tie all your shoelaces together and dress her in them.
    Also, all of them look hella uncomfortable. I would never ever want to sleep in any of them, ever. Would you want to sleep in any of them? I doubt it.
    Basically: buy her something normal. Something she'll ACTUALLY be able to sleep in, something that's actually somewhat comfortable and something she'll actually wear for more than 5 minutes at a time.

    • Also, wouldn't it be nicer to give her a gift that's actually FOR HER, you know, considering that it's your anniversary and all? Because as far as I'm concerned, you're basically just buying a gift for yourself.

    • Yes excuse me for not mentioning irrelevant things like "I will also buy a $200 necklace for her and take her out on a fancy dinner". All you need is to say No I don't like them. Or better yet, just vote in the poll. I don't need your hipster face angry "Im just gonna comment because I am mad at something" comments. Bye.

    • I just hate tacky "sleepwear" with a passion :D

  • If you want to get her something she can actually sleep in... do something like this

    If you just want it for sex, then still... I would recommend victorias secret. Plus, it's their semi anual sale right now.

  • Some questions to consider when you buy sleepwear for her:
    Does your girlfriend live with her parents?
    If she lives with her parents, it should be something that is not too embarassing to be seen with by a family member or when the garment is being washed.

    Which is her body type?
    Will she look good with this on?
    Which is her size?
    You might like it but it might not fit her.

    Does she usually wear stuff like this?
    Does if fit her personality-sence of style?
    Would she buy it herself?

    Personally, I find all the above things cheap and tacky, something a whore would wear. They seem very uncomfortable. I suspect that when you chose them you was mostly thinking about yourself and your fantasies, not her. I'd choose something like the teddies shown here

  • I prefer the ones without a thong, though I generally dislike all of the things you posted. I have a website where I really like the lingerie on, though I've never used it so I don't know exactly how safe it is or how much the delivery is or how fast it is:

    I specifically like things like this:

    There's another site that looks really cute but again, I haven't used it yet so I can't vouch for its security:

    Good luck x

    • Not really fan of regular babydolls. At least that is not what i am looking for. I like the other ones on the sites you posted though. Is it uncomfortable to sleep in a teddy?

    • I don't think it's necessarily comfortable to sleep in one but they're definitely designed for the look of them and not the comfort. It's not bad though.

  • I like all of them but the first one

    • Glad you liked three of them anyway :) Would you be okay to sleep in them or did you just like the looks? Also, what was it that you didn't like with the first one?

    • Oh... You want her to sleep in them? I thought you were going to be taking them off. None if she's going to sleep in them - talk about uncomfortable! And just the straps on the first one at the back would be annoying as all hell.

    • Thanks for the feedback :) That's what I need to know. I don't think about things like that heh. But the other ones doesn't look that uncomfy?

  • To actually sleep in? None.
    To lead up to sex, first or second.

  • Number 3 is very nice. Also, are these sleep wears in your girlfriend taste?


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