Clip- in Hair extensions, what are your views/experiences?(Preferably girls but guys can answer)?

I was thinking about getting hair extensions but I'm worried about how it will look and the effect of my hair growing. My hair is relaxed yet is still very thick so I have to keep flat pressing it, is their any way to avoid that? I've never heard of African hair extensions. Also girls, when you take your extensions out do your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends react or treat you differently? I feel like people prefer me with longer hair (I used to wear weave)


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  • Just if you can't find ones to match your hair, since yours is thicker (it's so important to blend, so many girls just don't bother it's shameful)
    Just buy normal weave hair, then buy the clips separately, they're the same exact clips and hair, it's just that when you buy clip ins, they do the job for you. When you do this way, you have to just do like 4 stitches on each clip to sew the hair into it. It's so so easy to do, plus you'll probably get a lot more hair for your money and can be a lot more choosy over what type of hair you buy like yacky, Brazilian etc, color, and texture. Just depends how long you wanna keep em for, which hair to buy and how much to spend.


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  • I use to have clip ins about a year ago! I didn't really have a problem with them but they were just really annoying lol and about the straightening thing, i would just say to wrap it and grease it well nightly? Of you dont already do that!:) and if you're afraid of other reactions just because you took them out, just wear your hair in a bun or something, that way they won't be able to tell. ☺

  • I think all fake hair is gross. I don't think negatively about the people who use it. I just think it's gross. I feel like it's cheating in a way. But you could argue make up is cheating too.
    Seems unnecessary I guess.


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