Girls: Good methods to keep hair tangle-free?

Hey! So this will really mostly be pertinent to the ladies, but I'm at a loss here. I have medium length hair that goes just past my shoulders. My hair is very fine and naturally straight and I don't use any products outside of my shampoo (Aussie brand). I can't condition my hair (at my roots, at least) because my scalp is very susceptible to oils and looks greasy whenever I use conditioner. Whether I blow dry or air dry my hair, it doesn't matter, my hair is always super susceptible to tangles whenever I go anywhere. I can't go out for more than five minutes without my hair tangling up and becoming a mess. I've tried hairspray in the past, but it just made my hair look and feel crusty and stiff, and I don't want that. I want soft, silky hair that doesn't tangle whenever I move my head. Any suggestions, ladies? I'm tired of messing with my hair while I'm at work, especially since I work at a restaurant and it just looks unprofessional and unhygienic to be touching my hair at work all the time.


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  • You don't have to condition it at your roots. Condition ONLY the bottom half of your hair. Trust me, conditioning it makes a huge difference. I have naturally straight hair too and it rarely gets tangled. It only gets tangled when I run out of conditioner.
    Also, you may need to replace your shampoo product.


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  • My hair sounds exactly the same as yours and I used to only shampoo too because my scalp gets oily because my hair is fine as well. But use plenty of conditioner on the bottom half of your hair ONLY! NEVER ON THE SCALP! And it gets to be really soft and shiny :D And it never gets tangled. It'll only get a tad crusty when you use hairspray (depends on the kind you have though)

    Hope this works for you as well! :D

  • First. Stop using Aussie. Every salon I've ever been to they have told me Aussie is the worst. I have very course, long wavy hair. The best products I've used that are all around affordable is Loreal in the black bottle or Dove moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. When I do wash my hair the first thing I do is shampoo, rinse then take a good amount of conditioner in my hands and start at the very stop of my ears and down and work it into my ends. Then I exfoliate my face and shave, wash my body, etc. Then I rinse out the conditioner thoroughly with Luke warm water. My hair dries frizz free and it tends to be silky, shiny, and very soft.

    • I hate to hear that. Aussie has been one of the few brands I've used that has refrained from causing waxy build-up in my hair. (Another strange condition I endure occasionally when I change shampoo). I'll try exploring the brands you've mentioned. Thanks!

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