How would your perfect guy dress?

If you could create the perfect guy, how would he dress? Would he be preppy, or wear sweats, or suits, or jeans? Girls answer please!

Please post pictures, if you can find some examples!!!


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    i think this is perfect!!

    There is no such thing as a hot guy because everyone has a different opinion. I think a hot guy would wear something that he likes, something that describes himself. And he doesn't wear anything that is "in" or that is popular because he has his own type of style : D

    • Very helpful. Thank you! So you seem to like the more preppy kind of look? Is that common for girls

    • I dont think so. You see people critisize me because im, well, me. But deep inside all those popular girls i know they are just like me too, because there is just something about a guy that dresses the way he wants, especially this way!

    • Im so grateful for the HMO. Thank you! :D

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  • He'd dress like a player.

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