Your face is not symmetrical? I fixed it with my hand?

I have uneven face and I fixed it by pressing to other side. I also got some injury last year and my eyes was little bit indented but I pressed the side of the eyes and it looks even. Try to do that if you have uneven face. look at your photo for a while and find the pressure point and press it works!

press the point hard and firm but don't punch it because you have to undo if that's not satisfactory. what a bargain! no cost for plastic surgery!


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  • sounds weird... hehe


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  • Seriously you for real?

    • yes, but you have to study your face really well. and press it firmly and hard. sometimes, it make clicking sound. but it really really works. my face look normal with my camera shot.
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    • So what happened GAG canceled your account?

    • I don't know.. I asked a question and then they hated it I guess.

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