Best, nonhomo/metro hair styles for long hair on dudes?

I guess it depends on the guy, but just generally what you like. Maybe a pic or two of long hair you think suits some guy.

Oh, I have nothing against homo/metrosexuals, I'd just prefer not to look like them.


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  • How long are we talking? You just pretty much let it hang and maybe brush the bands to the side. People say I look like a really masculine Spaniard cause I also grow a bit of facial hair. I guess if you're white you would look like a hippie or Jesus unless you tied it back in a ponytail.

    • Yeah. -_- Except Jesus was Arabic. Damn you whoever made Jesus look white!!! I betchu it was those crazy catholics. My hair just got long enough to where I can put it in a ponytail. That took like a year and a half. @_@

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. No such think as a homo look.

    2. Grow a beard.

    3. Go ragnarok and be viking super man.

    • I tried. I look like white Jesus with a beard. :/ I was going for the Jacks Teller look, cause I kinda look like him, but it turned out so very wrong since my hair is strawberry blonde, not blonde. But, for that, it would be a pain in the ass shaving my head every day. Still, he looks cool.

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