There's this girl I find very attractive in one of my university classes...

...and I want your opinion on what to do. I find myself pretty handsome, though I rather not imply this as a fact. I have confidence but I'm a reserved kinda guy.

So yeah. What should I do and say? Sitting next to her might be a start. But then what? We haven't introduced ourselves yet, so we'd be talking for the first time, if this has any importance. What should I do, and what will she think of me?

I wish I could provide pictures of myself in here, but somehow I feel I'd regret it.


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  • I hate small talk, but I think its neccesary if you want to start chatting with somone- I say just treat her the way you would a new roomate or a potential guy friend, i.e. be friendly and chat to her as you would a prospective friend, don't be flirtatious to start off with and that'll make her feel like she wants more i.e a lot of guys make the mistake of flirting a lot when they first meet a girl, and letting them know they're waaay too into her way too quickly, so for the girl, its like there's no 'chase' (we liek teh chase too believe it or not)... so don't make it THAT obvious taht ypu like her, just try to come across as friendly as possible...also try to forget that she's a hot girl when you're talkign to her, and just act like she's a friend...also handsome or not, confidence and the right attitude is way more valuable than looks when it comes to girls. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Best answer so far. I see now... gotta act friendly and act as if she was nothing but a regular friend... hmmmmmm but for how long... oh I guess I'll wait and see.

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  • Make small talk with her to break the ice.


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