Don't you hate when this happens during the spring and or fall?

Almost every time I take off my sweater It usually brings up my shirt it's not embarssing. Have you had this happen to you (to show off something you didn't mean to show off)?


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  • I your pain trust me I love big comfy pullovers, and it's worse being a girl. You're like sitting there tryna hold your shirt down with one hand and take it off with the other, and it's just not working so you decide to quickly take it off hoping no one sees. But in the end your best friend, your ex, your nephew, all your friends, 3 people that hate you, 4 dogs and the lord have seen your belly. Uhg

    • Be thankful it's not more than ur belly.

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    • ** I know your pain

    • I know their is a little more that a girl could show. I know you pain.

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  • I don't "Hate" it but it can be annoying. I almost got stuck once. I couldn't move my arms the way I needed to so I can take off the sweater or put it back on. Eventually I got out of it but my stomach was displayed for like 6 seconds. It's not too bad.


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  • Oh yeah it has happened to me and once my blouse was almost completely out of my body and since I'm usually braless you can imagine the picture I gave to everyone at the mall that day, hahaha. Lol.

    • That must of sucked.

    • You bet. When I was home I couldn't stop laughing about it, but at the moment it was really embarrassing.

  • gahh. I don't wear sweaters so I never have this problem lol. I really don't think people care when it happens.

  • Yes, likewise I've taken my backpack off on the subway and it's pulled my coat off with it.


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