How to stop hair loss?

How to? im losing a lot of hair each day. when I touch my hair and look at my fingers there are like 5-6 hairs every time. so how can I stop this?


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  • You may be exaggerating. How many hair strands do you lose per day?
    It's normal to lose between 30-130 strands per day depending on your hair growth cycle, age, genetics & hair texture.
    If you think you're losing more than that then you can try doing a couple of things in order to treat it.
    Do you suffer from anemia? If yes, then you need to add more iron to your diet.
    - You can also take zinc & biotin supplements ( it can improve the keratin infrastructure) .
    - Avoid using hair-spray, hair-gel & avoid wearing hats or beanies.
    - Use a sulfate-free shampoo (like Nioxin or Nexxus).
    - Use Minoxidil or Propecia. They are both widely used for hair-loss treatment.
    - Massage your hair scalp for 10 minutes a day with an oil of your choice. Personally, I use a product called Mythic Oil (It's a combination of avocado oil & grape seed oil). It has helped my hair condition a lot.
    - Foods you should involve in your diet: fish, eggs, spinach, pork, chicken, spinach, beans, walnuts, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, avocado, chea seeds, coconut milk, oysters & blueberries.

    • I am not exaggerating lol. its true. but yea I think I would lose about 100-130 hair strands a day...

    • And I will stop using hair gel then

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  • There's a lot of reasons
    Lack of rest
    Lack of nutrition
    Some hairs shed to grow new folicals
    To much alcohol
    To much cigarette s

    Vitamins and herbs I recommend daily use
    Ashwaganda 500mg
    Saw palmetto 1500mg
    Androkodiola 500mg
    Vitamin B5
    Pumpkin seed oil 1 tsp
    Zinc (not to much for it will increase DTH)
    Omega 3 fatty acid (fish oil with)

    If you want good vitamin brand I recommend garden of life.

    Foods that increase hair loss

    Foods that decrease hair loss
    Olive oil
    Wild caught salmon
    Grass fed beef
    Chea seeds
    Flac seeds
    Coconut milk

    Shampoos that are good for your hair should contain biotin or aloa vera no sulfates because that damages your scalp

    Shampoos brands I recommend
    Organix (ogx)
    Tail and main (with the horses)

    For stress try running a little bit it also gives oxygen throughout your body and good for your heart

    • Thanks man, I copied your opinion. :)

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    • Oh oh wait... I'm taking sugar just right I don't need to increase that lol

    • No problem guys glad I can help : )

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  • damn! get some b complex or biotin or some foltene hair treatment.. and change your feeding habits

  • I'm no expert, but here is my advice as someone facing a similar problem:
    -make your diet healthier
    -start taking 10K mg Biotin pills daily
    -use sulfate-free shampoo
    -use a leave-in hair growth stimulant (Jamaican Black Castor Oil has worked for me)
    -condition your hair at least once a week
    -see a dermatologist

    If your problem worsens, you might want to consider a transplant.

    • Well has that ^ been working out for u?
      And also how much does a transplant cost?

  • It's the same here as well but it doesn't necessarily means you are going bald , it just means you have a high metabolism and is constantly replacing cells on your body.

    If you're going bald , just ask your dad or someone trustworthy to tell you if your hair is thinning.

    • Oh lol well my hair looks the same but everyday I lose so much hair... I mean I'm losing hair everytime I touch my hair that's bad right?

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    • If hair doesn't grow back , if we go for a haircut , it'll be called amputation

    • Lol true that I thought that the hair we lose don't grow back. haircut means cutting the hair in half. but when we lose hair we lose it fully

  • do you wear hats/caps frequently? if you do then STOP. also avoid hot water when you wash your hair. hot water damages hair focilies

  • under 18 and already losing hair? i say accept the bald life man ^^

  • I had the same issue last month, a friend of mine told me to wash my hair with cold water instead of hot
    Im not sure but i think its working :\

  • You're using cheap bad shampoos for starters...

    Avoid hair sprays and gels. Try Aloe vera or argon oil for scalp application

    • I don't use cheap bad shampoos coz well I'm not a cheap dude -.- I think it's because the shampoo contains sulfate so I just need to switch

  • wow so many people taking biotin.. i need to consider

  • Good sleep and healthy diet + Rogaine.

  • Take some Biotin supplements and get enough sleep.

  • You can try propecia... buts its inevitable...

  • Just accept the bald life

    • Noo :/ girls won't like me then

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    • Asker, the number of girls here is just so little compared with the entire population in this world. so fear not, there are other girls who like the bald look i know i am one of them :)

    • thanks @Kangy but I luv my hair lol

  • If it's hereditary than I guess it's best to accept the inevitable, but until then maybe change your diet, hair products, and decrease your stress levels too.

    • Hmm I guess do. but I don't think irk would like the bald me lol

    • Girls*

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