Why do girls wear high heels?

I just don't understand why girls wear high heels. I mean, I see girls in heels everyday in school and even the 2 girls in my class wear heels mostly everyday. After school when we go to the bus station, they often can't even go normally, because their feet hurt.
I don't understand why they wear them then?
A good friend from me always wore flat shoes, but this year she started wearing heels and now wears them almost everywhere. When I asked her why she wears them, she confessed that she likes the way her feet hurt and stand in heels and gets even turned on from that!!. I Couldn't believe that...
Is that really possible that you get turned on by the pain of heels?
Please explain that to me girls...
And for all, i don't hate heels, i really like them and get turned on by them, but i just don't understand it.


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  • Heels are a fashion statement. And also a sign that she's ready to be a woman and put on her "big girl shoes". In girl world there is a saying once you take these type of measurements... " Beauty is pain!" There are multiple reasons why girls wear heels.

    -makes there calves look hot!
    -makes them taller
    -arouses guys
    -symbol of a specific level of maturity
    etc ...

    It doesn't matter if their feet hurts. It makes us look and feel sexy! And the whole pain idea... Well I think your friend loves the idea of pain. There are some people who get turned on by pain. Its normal.

    • In your anology womanhood , is equal to idiocy. Heels are , on the scale of things wisdom reason and practicality , an exceedingly immature choice. That's not womanhood that's desperation. That you damage your body to live up to someone else idea of beauty. You can definitely be beautiful without damaging your health.

      Pain is there for a reason. It's WARNING you before things happen that are inextricable.

    • Not idiocy at all. Not every woman puts on heels to impress the opposite sex. Notice I included multiple reasons even including etc because there are tons if them. I don't see heels as desperation. I'm sorry that you see it this way. Its not damaging your body because not every heel hurts.

      There are far more worse things that females do seek attention that ARE harmful. Like:

      -Insane breast implants
      -Plastic surgery
      -Ass implants

      And of course you can be beautiful without wearing them. Natural beauty dominates all. Trust me I'm all for it. But don't overkill the idea of womens fashion. Wearing heels is a decision... not an ultimatum.

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  • I don't if I want to wear thick souls I wear boots. No heels. Bad fir yiur bavk your feet and you can't oroperly run in them. What if there's an emergency and you have to run barefoot and get an infection that becomes toxic and you die if sepsis... Or alternatively you're in heels you run and you break something and get caught and killed :-) or there could be a fire ir w/e.

  • Apparently 'cause it gets some of them off.

    I, however, am not a fan of the high heels. I've only worn high heels like twice in my life, and couldn't walk for shit in them both times.

  • I love heels because they're nice. I don't wear them to school, I wear them on special occasions, parties, or sometimes to church. Heels elongate the figure and they complement perfectly to dressy outfits. For example, I can wear a black shirt with a blazer, navy trousers, and some red high heels for the contrast of color. The outfit looks elegant and classy and the red shoes give the finishing touch.

  • Lol u probably misunderstood her. Ok, not all high heels hurt your feet. But we wear them because they're pretty and girly and plus it attracts men. And younger girls do it bc of that and also to look cooler, older

    • No i asked her several times and see said she really get turned on by the pain and the position of her feet...
      Ok sounds a bit understandable

    • Yeah plus it makes you legs look hotter

  • Makes them look slimmer instantly. That's the main reason I wear them

  • because they look cute. i wore stilettos almost everyday.


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  • Because they make their calves look better and they also look taller.

  • I don't know either guess its just gender roles.

  • Two reasons:

    1. To make guys feel shorter.
    2. So they get sore feet.

    • I guess they like the way they look and make them feel. The added height is probably desired by most girls who wear them. Also I think the change her posture, which may be part of their purpose. Also I guess they're just considered classy/showy or whatever - fashionable.

    • Read your last sentence again - that's why they wear them.

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