Why do I look sexy? I wanna be cute or adorable too?

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I like it when people tell me I'm sexy. But not all the time. My friends can wear clothes and they look nice and not sexy on them, but when I wear exactly the same clothes, my friends tell me they look sexy. Also when I'm on a date, I VERY RARELY heard someone tell me I'm cute. I think someone told me that just once. Why do you think it happens? What can I do about it?


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  • How do we know thats your more sexy then cute and adorable... usually sexy people are not anonymous lol

    Just saying

    • What makes someone sexy and what makes someone cute?

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    • And the obvious, maybe your just sexy...

      But if your not sure and asking, then I'm assuming you don't think you are sexy? humm

    • I feel and think I'm sexy sometimes.

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  • I think that different descriptions for attractiveness depend largely on body shape and other physical things. For example, a tall girl with an hourglass figure and big hair would be sexy while a short girl that's a bit stockier would be more cute. It just depends I guess.

    • I'm short but I have an hourglass figure. But even when I'm not wearing something that shows my figure it still happens

  • For cute u need to b some thing like innocent looks, a little smile on face, shyness little bit... etc.

    • Actually I smile a lot. But that comes out as me being a happy person. Never cute. Well I'm not shy though I'm quite quiet around new people.

  • For cute you need layers and sweaters. Warm fuzzy sweaters. Consider a cowl neck sweater dress, with a cardigan wrap over top. Sweater tights. Dressing bundled always looks cute. Have you tried any of those?


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