Should I try a Tankini?

I was told that since I have long torso, I should try a Tanki as a bathing suit this summer. Anybody else feel free to share your opinion.


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  • I tried one this summer for the first time. I also have a long torso. I got a light print top with a solid dark bottom. It is really flattering. My bikini days are over but I am not ready for one piece. I love my tankini.

    • Thanks. That is kind of the way I feel. I don't want a bikini, but I don't want a one piece either. My friend suggested the Tankini because you can mix and match. Plus, you can get them to fit each section.

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    • Thank you! Did you try one?

    • Yes! and I love it. I must get more than one combination. Mix and match.

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  • you would look cute in it I bet

  • Those would actually look good. Try it

    you dont have to be like everyone else trying to show off their shit

  • What does torso mean?


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