Guys when you go on a date, do you always notice..?

girls lips? When you're having dinner- what are you looking at?


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  • Eye contact. Obviously you don't want to stare but eye contact is the best way to establish yourself as a confident and thoughtful person. I might glance at her lips from time to time, especially when I'm interested in going in for a kiss, but other then that, eye contact!

    i.e. for all you guys out there... If she is cutting eye contact to glance at your lips, and repeatedly does it, chances are she wants a kiss; just a tip.


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  • hair, is it groomed, it says she cares about herself

    eyes...could you stare at em all day and not be bored?

    smile, does it come easy to her? does she have a sense of humor?

    lipstick, enhances her beauty? or lipstick applied like she was painting a whole bedroom?

    throat, is she a smoker?

    ears, piercings acceptable amount? or does she like setting off metel detectors just a little too much?

    tattoos, tasteful? or does it look like a biker gang had a crayola convention all over her?

  • I think we notice all physical attributes about a girl were dating. Especially on a dinner date. When we want to kiss someone, we definitely look at their lips.


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