Girls and Guys! Okay I just have to ask this..

Girls, how many seriously only base your relationships with your boyfriends on looks. I know some people say there has to be some sort of physical attraction, but how many people only care about the outside?

Personally I care about what's on the INSIDE, them being good looking is a plus but not something I base relationships on or focus on. Do you agree?

Guys, how do you feel about people that only judge you by focusing on physical appears instead of what's on the inside?

Please vote THEN comment :) And if you just want to see the results, vote D :)

Thanks! :D

  • I only care about looks..
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  • Once I know what they are like on the inside, I'm automatically drawn to them and love their positive pluses and flaws :)
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  • I only care about what's on the inside :)
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  • I just want to see the results :)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i met a guy thru a mutual friend

    and we started talking.

    when I saw a pic of him I thought "wow, he's a cutie"

    and wanted to meet him in person.

    later when we met, I noticed he had a small gap in his teeth...

    that made me think...A LOT.

    one: I would feel bogus as hell if I didn't like him because of that little factor.

    two: truth was, I reallyyyy liked him--like he was so funny, sweet, etc.

    so which did I choose ?


    i liked him too much and saw past the gap.

    we are officially going out :]

    • Good choice :) See, same here.. all the flaws he has physically which everybody always talked about, I was totally oblivious to them, because those things are what make him, him! And if he can except flaws about me, why can't I to him? :) Not like I even thought twice about his flaws because I was already too 'head-over-heels' for him :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • Looks are a minor aspect in a relationship for me. Personality is of course the biggest thing when measuring compatibility but physical attraction needs to be there. A good personality I find will cover up allot of her blemishes and change the way I view her physically, but it has it's limitations.

    I'm not picking any answers that are on the poll because none are appropriate.


    • Mind me asking, what do you mean it has its limitations?

      Also, from your answer it sounds like you would vote for B) ...but thanks for the comment anyways! :)

    • I didn't vote B because after I get to know her if I'm not physically attracted to her in the least it doesn't matter; the relationship will come to an end. But then agen it wouldn't have even started unless there was some kind of attraction.

      If her personality can't over come her looks then she is better suited to be a friend. If there is no physical attraction then there is no physical relationship. I'm not an ass but I have limitations. Understand?

      MY opinion, not yours.


  • No doubt that looks are indeed a plus, but more and more people it seems are being drawn to a wonderful personality over looks. Sure, it would be great to have someone that looks great, but what a person looks like doesn't define who they are on the inside. I tend to judge a person by what I see on the inside, rather than what is on the outside-


What Girls Said 3

  • I fall for personality.

    I met my boyfriend online and I couldn't really see what he looked like (profile pic was really blurry). That didn't really matter though. He was funny and sweet and kind of dorky. When he asked me to go out with him my immediate answer was yes. A week later I saw him on webcam and wow. He's really cute. It s a total plus.

    • Just be careful with internet taking hun! Its risky and it isn't always how it seems!!

      Thanks for the comment :)

  • When I fall for their personality I eventually fall in love with them and love the way they look! My last relationship was like this. I wasn't physically attracted to my ex until about 3 months into the relationship. We lasted for 5 years.

    • Wow that's amazing!! :)

      I just found that once I fell for his personality, I loved everything about him :) I'm sorry to hear about you and your ex :(

      Thanks for the comment :)

  • Ok I said B, if they are beautiful on the inside...I am instantly attracted to them..I embrace flaws and all..they are what makes everyone different and that's truly beautiful! :) But if I was really not into their looks at all, like seriously not even close to any attraction that would be a problem but I really don't want to sound shallow because I'm not, believe me..:)

    Looks couldn't matter less to me (if its not buttugly lmao) if he's sweet and caring and awesome on the inside.

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