Girls, which is more comfortable?

I'm beginning to think about buying my gf something sexy for Valentine's day - that way, it's a gift for both of us! or so I like to think!!
Anywho, to put this bluntly, I think my gf has a great butt and I think she would look great in a thong/g-string. She doesn't wear thongs/g-strings so I don't really know what her 'style' would be, so if you HAD to choose, what style would be the most comfortable?


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  • I wear thongs every day I think regular underwear is uncomfortable and I hate panty lines. I think g strings or anything that's all lace is the most uncomfortable. Make sure it fits perfectly too because poor fitting thongs are annoying. If anything, it'll only be on a few hours/minutes so just go for it.

    • Hi, thank you for your response. So just to clarify, g-strings and anything that is lace = Uncomfortable?
      Should I be looking at cotton or some other material then?

    • Lace sides and stuff is fine or lace over fabric is fine. But just lace with no other fabric is uncomfortable. Look at silk or satin maybe...

  • Some girls actually don't like gstrings or thongs, cause they aren't comfortable. I would go for a tanga one to start if I were you.


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