Full back panties, do any of you girls still wear them?

Ladies my favorite panties are the full back ones with a cute design on them. Are there any girls out there who wear exclusively that type? Or does everyone just wear thongs now? And does anyone mostly wear skirts and not pants? I just think they are so feminine and wonderful.



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  • You mean just like regular panties? I wear those and boy shorts most of the time. The only time I'll wear something sexy is on a date

    • Ok and do you wear skirts most of the time or pants?

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    • Lmao well at least ma butt won't be hanging out if that's what you mean hahah

    • Yes haha that too. I mean if you were wearing a thong you would be exposed to everyone. Otherwise people just see your cute pink panties haha sounds better to me right?

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  • i only wear thongs sometimes most of the time i wear normal panties. i like too surprise my boyfriend with thongs sometimes but most of the time i wear normal panties. but their cute ones or silky ones. my boyfriend loves it. i wear skirts or dresses as much as i wear pants. i dont really have a preference for one of the other. it really depends on what im wearing that day. although right now since its winter i don't wear skirts or dresses as much

  • i honestly dont have any... lol

    all i wear is thongs

  • Me. I have a drawer with 30 pairs of my little pony fullback cotton panties


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  • I love it when my wife wears full back satin panties. I love to feel her ass in those!

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