Quotation Mark Tattoo - Good Idea or Stupid Idea?

On the 26th I'm going to my local tattooist to get some artwork done on my skin. Although I am sat on my other two designs I'm curious if you can help me with the design of my quotation mark tattoo as well as tell me if YOU think it's a neat idea, over used or Stupid. This won't change my opinion but I am very interested to know.

For me, as some one who speaks 7 languages, a book 'nerd' etc. I love the idea of one. For me it means; Those English quotation marks stand for my love for words, English as well as ever other language that is beautiful, and for all the things I couldn’t say on one wrist. They also represent the meaning of the silence and the irony of life. This tattoo is my beautiful mistake, the one I’ll be proud of when I’m older.

Last question is should I put two on one wrist or only one on a wrist (if one, where on the wrist would you place it; right, middle or left).

Thank you! . xx.


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  • It's not the worst idea I've ever heard, although it have a very annoying kind of incomprehensible French art house film vibe to it with what it's supposed to mean to you.

    I think a better idea would be to get a question mark just above your vulva and make people wonder if you've had sexual reassignment surgery or not. Screw with people's minds.


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  • Awww!
    Without knowing your meaningful reasons behind it, I might find it abit odd.. But once you know the story it's beautiful haha.

    I'd probably do like
    '' <-- towards the left of one wrist.. And
    " <-- towards the right on the other wrist :)

  • YOLO... do it we only live once

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