Is it really that wrong to get things this way?

So I have this way in using my uhm... person assets to make guys do stuff for me... or even in school xD

And now my friends are mad at me for getting higher grades because I wear lowcut shirts xD (and yes the teacher is a pervery xD)

but I mean, it gets me through my math class... So is it really that wrong?


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  • Plain and simple, if you want to f*** up your life by being a slut and not learning a damn thing in school. Then let that be your future, all your learning is how to be in the sex trade. I hear the pimps aren't too nice.

    Just because you have "assets" doesn't mean you have to use them to get what you want. Your also portraying a bad image for ALL women! I'm surprised more women haven't commented saying you make all women look bad.

    YES IT IS BAAAAAAD! You'll run into a teacher that doesn't take advantage of his students and be sorry you never learned what you should have. That, or you'll whore yourself out to the class nerd, which just furthers the sex trade future your putting yourself into.

    Good luck with your pimp, 4 children, no husband, and not knowing who the father is. It seems like a great future to me! ...Sarcasm.

    Stop f***ing up your life and come to reality.

    • Wow, slow down dude...:O First of, I don't do it all the time! Second, I'm smart and I do get good grades (even for math) without "acting like a whore"(as you say so nicely). I just get A's instead of B's this way ;)

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    • Well there's a diffirence between a person and their actions;) And actually I don't have a bad rep at school^^ I'm known as one of the more mature and wise people for some reason. I talked to my friend and their not mad at me but the teacher for doing this (but yes it's my fault to). In my opinion your a little more than overreacting here love, But for the record, isn't this how society works nowadays? or at least for a big part...

    • Western Society may be driven by sex, but you don't have to further the notion. Because you have the breasts, ass, legs, whatever doesn't mean you have to use them. Not to say you have to hide, just wear appropriate blouses and skirts.

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  • It hurts you in the long run because you're not learning anything. You might get a free ride now, but next year you might get a teacher that is not impressed by your assets and then you'll be screwed because you didn't learn anything last year.

    Honestly I used to hate girls like you in HS but I didn't have any assets myself. That's how the world works, you can use what you got to get what you want, but at the same time you have to be smart because there will eventually become a day that your assets won't work and you'll have to use your head. So yeah morally it's wrong, it's logically wrong because you're handicapping yourself in the long run, but in some situations it does work. I usually do the same thing when I go to stores so I don't have to pay lol so I guess it's the same thing.