This goes out to you guys...what do you really look for in a girl? be as honest as possible...i dislike lies !

dont skimp out and say that ur looking for a blowjob, or a girl that easy or a good lay...what is it that makes a girl attractive to u?


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  • i share your dislike for lies! loll... well its what I think.. and try to find in this on the internet because you wont. =P just makin it up as I go.

    Girls are pretty

    When I first see a girl

    I see if she is witty

    Girls have gorgeous eyes

    When I first see a girl

    They should take me by surprise

    Girls are hot

    When I first see a girl

    If she's slutty, I'd rather not

    Girls have figure

    When I first see a girl

    You know what should get bigger

    Girls have a beautiful smile

    When I first see a girl

    It should make me stare for awhile

    Girls are funny

    When I first see a girl

    That does it for me

    Girls have smooth lips

    When I first see a girl

    I should want to give her a kiss

    Girls are noticeable

    When I first see a girl

    Staring should get me in trouble

    There ya go.. as honest as possible without a boring answer.. how about that! loll =)

    • Camilus and jusa...i love both of ur

      jusa...that was real creative the way you made a poem out of ur answer :)

  • Physically: big smile, natural looks, expressive face, good hygiene

    Personality: jovial disposition but not naive, easy-going, not high maintenance, supportive, appreciative (not just expecting me to do things for her), mature, looking for a long-term relationship, honest, resourceful, doesn't depend on money/extravagance to make her happy


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