How can we repurpose our old t-shirts [INFOGRAPHIC]?

Yesterday, my father gave 8 old t-shirts of him and I also have 5-6 more... So I am searching for easy ways to repurpose them. Can you suggest something for me? And can you please paste the infographic or video link to your opinion?

These are the best ones that I could find so far:
I guess I can use this as a bra or smthng...

Also this girl is pretty good at making new things with using old things:

What else?


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  • I think the cutest and easiest is just cutting off the collar to make it off the shoulder. The halter top open back shirts are really awesome for working out. I know someone who cut and wove the back to make it spider web looking but it was really fragile and had to be hand washed.

  • I made quilts out of my old tshirts

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