What are the most important traits women look for in a guy?



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  • I really hate when people say it to me but, man there really are a million of these same questions. Try searching *first*. (yes, the following is an answer I've given before)

    He needs to have humor but not be the class clown, kindness but the ability to stand up for himself and others, sincerity in what he says but tact in saying it, devotion but also be able to give me room to breathe, inteligence but not in a holier-than-thou way, he needs to be able to listen to what I say and respect my opinions on things. I need to be able to trust him, and him me. I want a guy who is chivalrous but understands that he does this for me out of respect, not because I can't do it myself, a guy who knows how to go with the flow but can also make decisions for himself, a guy who can have a serious discussion and share his feelings and opinions. Most of all I want a guy who loves me as much as I love him.

  • For me, I like for the guy to make me feel good about myself. Compliment what he likes about me so I feel good around him instead of self-conscious. It's also very important that the senses of humor go together so that each person thinks the other is funny. I'm not saying he has to be hilarious, he just has to have a sense of humor compatible with mine. Similarly, we have to be around the same level of intelligence. If one person is always explaining their jokes to the other, it gets annoying fast.


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