Sick of being stereotyped!

I'm 22 years old and a grad student in a journalism/communications program. I went to a really good school for my undergrad and I've already had some work published. I want to cover politics, or current affairs. My interests/job seem to cause problems with guys. I guess on the outside most people would say I'm a girly girl. I love pink and wear lots of it. I also wear pearl earrings a lot, ballet style flats, and lacy things. I'm outgoing, friendly and happy-go-lucky most of the time. When I tell guys I'm an aspiring journalist they either seem shocked or assume I'm planning to be an MTV host or entertainment reporter. As soon as I tell them I would never want to do either of those jobs and love politics, economics, etc. they automatically back off from me.

Why does this happen?


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  • Why would you care about a stereotype? I understand this completely. I am covered with tattoo's and I look like a biker, but I am in school right now working on a ph.d. in Anthropology and Poltical Sciences. It cracks me up when people judge me as a son of anarchy when it couldn't be further from the truth. I plan to use my appearance to my advantage. If both my arms covered with tattoo's help my future students learn something. Then it was money well spent.

    My advice, is to use this perception to your advantage. If you look different, that's a good thing. would you prefer to look like everyone else?

    You also have to ask yourself...Is journalism a fashion show? Can you order the latest in hot news lady fashion out of some magazine? Or is the information on which you are reporting the important part? The issue here is you want people to take you seriously when you don't look the role of serious. No matter what, you have to rememeber, your the one who gets the last laugh.

    I would also say that the guys who back off of the topics you mentioned are guys not worth your time. My tattoo's serve a great divider that people use to judge me. The ones who don't like them will not waste my time. The ones who get to know me are worth knowing. These little boys who give you a hard time are intimidated by an educated woman who has goals that don't include binge drinking and xbox. You keep doing what your doing. It's your dream and f*** anyone who infringes upon your desire to make it a reality. - j

    One of my professors once told me "It's lonely at the top for a reason". - j

    • It's not that I don't look serious. I have a very preppy/classic sense of style. You would never call me immature looking. Some people have actually told me I look a bit like a snob (I'm not, another assumption).

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    • That's rather rude. I've already done quite a bit to prove I will never work at FOX News, thanks.

    • I was only joking with you a little. calm down. You all right in my book because you know FOX to be full of shiiiiiit! So in order to patch things up between us I have decided to give you a little kiss and make you a big plate of pancakes with syrup smiley faces on them. Don't hate! =) - j

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  • People are ignorant. It's blunt but true.


  • It seems to me that your very distinguished and these guys are ignorant and imature so try dating older men or looking for a more mature guy.

  • maybe your major is heavy compared to ur personality.

    You should learn how to deliver ur interest to others without putting any sort of pressure on others.


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  • if you truly care about your work, you should not care what other think of you. that simple.

    • I care about my work deeply. However, I am young and love/relationships are also important to me. I've just found that my goals seem to scare guys off.