Are smiles a good thing?

There's this guy I've known since freshman year. Every time we passed by each other he would smile, but I never knew if it was directed at me because he never looked directly towards me.

This happened for the past three years and now that we're in our senior year we have a class together again. We don't talk too often, except when I ask him about his day. Sometimes when we're taking notes in class or reading, he has this really big smile on his face, but when I look at him face to face he's almost never smiling.(He sits right next to me.)

Do you think he's just a happy person and it's a coincidence that he's smiling when I happen to look at him? Or is there a slight chance they might be for me? And if it is for me could that be a good sign that he may like me?

What I mean by he's never smiling is whenever I look up he turns away and pretends to read or take notes, or he'll blush and get wide eyed.


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  • People always ask me what the heck I'm smiling at, but I'm partially crazy and have a tendency to laugh at jokes 45 min after I've heard them -- so I'm a bad example.

    In this case, you probably have a typical, shy high school kid who is afraid to talk to you. Smiling and looking away aren't exactly solid evidence that he likes you, but its certainly a sign, especially at your age. I can tell you back in high school I had crushes on dozens of girls. I stared at all of them, but talked to about two of them. I only dated one of them.

    Similar to physical development, people mature socially at all different ages. This guy is not quite there yet to take charge and express himself freely. If you like him, feel free to be the aggressor and give him a push. Maybe start chatting with him AND his friends to make him more comfortable. Ask him to the turnabout dance if you have one. Give him an indication you like him. He'll probably thank you for it later.


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  • Lol if he looks aways when you look at him then its probably likely that he does like you. If he blushes or gets wide eyes then he definitely likes you. Sounds like stuff I accidently do when a girl I think is cute or I like catches me staring.

  • Its hard to tell if there for you but if it is for you then it is a good sign.


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