Is it weird for a guy to wear TOMS?

Its hot and i want to wear more comfortable shoes in this weather. I already wear flip flops and more, but i want to try to wear TOMS, cause winter is coming and i want to be comfortable.
PS: do u wear TOMS with socks or without?


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  • I don't think it's weird for a guy to wear TOMS - lots of guys here wear them.
    I don't have actual TOMS, but I have a knock off pair. I wouldn't wear socks with them, but I have a few pairs of removable washable insoles. I throw them in the wash every couple of wears and rotate.
    Just bare feet make your shoes smell bad after a little while, especially if it is warm!

    • Thanks! but I thought TOMS shouldn't be combined with socks, do u preffer barefoot or using a kind of socks?

    • Barefoot. But use washable insoles so they don't smell bad.

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  • Toms cost about 5 bucks to make yet u fools. Buy them for 4x the amount smfh


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