Girls, please help me with makeover?

Okay please dont be mean :(. Im a teen guy, but i really want to have a complete feminine makeover. Please i want to go all out and over the top and be a complete girly girl. Please tell me everything i need to do to look like a girly girl from my head to my toes. And puhwwease give me some outfit ideas to wear that are really feminine , even links are cool. I really want to embrace my inner self and be the pretty girl I've always dreamed of being. Please dont be mean, so many people say really mean things about me and it really hurts :'(. I just want to be myself, so please help me achieve this goal :). Thank you all so much <3


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  • Just start experimenting with make up. Grow your hair out and try new styles, you can even start from a feminine pixie cut while you're trying to grow it out.
    Clothes, just find YOUR style and go with it. We all have different fashion sense and all like different things, so go through pintinterest or YouTube for ootd or outfit of the day and see what kinda things you like and go with it putting your own flare on it

    • I think the problem is im searching for my style. Im not sure what to try out...

    • Some people don't even have a particular style tbh. Like me personally, some days I'll have the rock chick look, sometimes the bad girl look, sometimes girly and sometimes smart. Some people even mix and match like a punky rock chick kinda skirt with a girly shirt and things like that.

      Simple things that you can add your own style to later could be some cute skinny jeans or jeggings, either heels, wedges or ballet pumps and a cute logo tee. Paired with a nice jacket and handbag, you'll look girly but not have a particular style. If you do that you can just develop your own style over time.
      If I were you, for my first tries I'd keep it simple so you can get fully comfortable in what you're wearing.
      I used to dress majorly tomboy and was forced into girls clothes as I got older, and that's how I started out anyway.

    • Ohh and accessories accessories accessories! They can turn a simple outfit into something else. They can really just finish your look off nicely and you can even wear the same jeans and tee and different accessories will make it look like a brand new outfit

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  • u ve ur own sense of style get out there n wear what u feel is girly n comfy... u see its all about what u find pretty... everyone's definition of pretty might not be the same as urs... best thing to do is use google n see the casual clothes n all hopefully that helps :)

  • What I am getting here is that you are a feminine gay? Just Google and YouTube fashion ideas.


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