Any idea on how increase charisma over all charm?

any idea on how increase charisma over all charm?

if your going be charismatic do 100% the time don't be a Justin Justin bieber.

I live a rock , pop start existence and when was in high school I was controversial and everyone noticed me. so I had many hatters :)
I was popular for wrong reason but charm others did not.


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  • For starters, you could learn how to spell, use punctuation and write coherently. More to the point, you could avoid the notion that the universe revolves around you, and show some genuine and heartfelt interest in somebody - anybody - else.

    • I do show interest other fool. your not the one who should know. spell nothing do with it.

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    • Stock up on hand lotion, kiddo; most of your relationships you're going to have are going to be with a laptop when your mom's not home to walk in on you...

    • is that what happened to you?