So what attracts you to a girl? like what makes you want to go up to her?

okay so out of curiosity, like what makes you want to get up and talk to a girl? like besides her being hot lol but like what makes her approachable?


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  • First of all she can't be with a bunch of her girlfriends. Nothing scares a guy away more than when a girl is with a bunch of her girl friends.

    To me a big thing is she's gotta be dressed down or casally dressed. When a girl is dressed in super nice clothes or overdressed for the occasion it really makes her come across as being a high maintenance sort of girl. Now if I'm at a place that merits that sort of dress that's one thing, but if we're like at the mall or the supermarket or something and she's dressed in an outfit that looks like it cost more than my entire wardrobe, that turns me away. So does lots of jewelry and heavy makeup. Basically whatever you do, keep it looking natural. If you're gonna dye your hair, dye it a color that looks natural. By that same token, don't get a tan that looks like it came out of a bottle or a tanning bed. A natural one is better.

    When a guy approaches you, he wants to feel like he's catching you when your guard is down, when you're vulnerable. The reason for this is because it makes him feel more confident about the outcome. And when you're dressed in nice expensive clothes with your makeup on and your hair done and the jewelry on, that's when you have your guard up. This may not be how it looks from your perspective as a girl, but it's how it looks from a guy's perspective.

    When I see a girl at the supermarket in her sweats and her hair tied in a pony tail because she didn't feel like spending two hours to get ready to go pick up $20 worth of groceries from the grocery store, that's when it feels to me like she's vulnerable. That's when I feel at my most confident in approaching her.

  • Seeing an attractive girl, in a buisness suit, reading a book.

    Those of you who know me, know I'm a sucker for a girl in a suit. As for the book aspect, gives me easy idea's on how to open a good stimulating conversation.

    I always have a good success rate with girls in a book store. I love to read all types of literatur. Right off the bat it gives a common ground for a good give and take conversation.

    My opinions, not yours.



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