Do you think girls will still be getting there belly button pierced say 10 years from now?

guess question is more like will they still be popular 10 years from now or longer into the future?

I remember a conversation we had in high school about this and some people saying they were a fad back in 2002 and not stick around? however they seem to have stayed around and even more popular than back then and even more girls have them now. I remember being at beach last summer and they were everywhere and more girls with one than without.

my own view is there here to stay , a lot of the girls who have them now won't keep it for years and eventually take it out but new girls will get one just like they get ears pierced. and with warmer weather in future lots of reasons to be in a bikini so reasons to show off belly. so I think there here to stay but who knows and I'm a guy and don't exactly have one but a lot of the girls I've known over the years have had one and they generally enjoyed this piercing

  • think there still be popular in the future
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  • still be around but not as popular
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  • will not be around that far into future
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  • I think they will be popular for a pretty long time. As long as girls still want to call attention to their stomachs and areas near the stomach then they will be popular

    • yeah I think there here to stay too , guess a main reason to get one is for attention or to make area look pretty either for guys or there own liking

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  • They'll be getting them gauged and wearing plugs in them lol


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  • I say A because nose piercing still strong from the 1990.