I got melted wax all over my pants. Can the dry cleaner fix it?

The internet says you can use an iron, but I don't own an iron and I feel like I'd ruin them further even if I did.

Can the dry cleaner get the wax out?


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  • the dry cleaners would be the best option. tell them how you want it.

    • yeah... 4 bucks is cheaper than an iron or new pants. i'm leaning towards dry cleaner

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  • Try a hair drier to melt the wax and soak it up with something else or use a solvent that's safe for clothes with the hair drier.

    • How do I know if all of it is soaked up though? won't some stay in?

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    • i'm mostly worried that teh wax will spread to a greater area and still be stuck in my pants. They're stretchy jeans.

    • And then you could take it to a dry cleaner, which cleans the whole pants anyways. Don't think it costs and different.

  • leave it to dry cleaners they can fix it very well... if its not an expensive dress u can do that too using hot water

    • They were 60.00 jeans so I'm afraid if I try to fix them I'll ruin them more. Dry cleaner it is I guess.

    • yes they v=can clean any stuff from cloths... point out the region while handing over

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