What do guys usually go for?

Cute, or hot? ... I know I am not unattractive, but unfortunately I'm stuck in the cute category. And it ain't getting me anywhere! So give me your opinions :)


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  • Ok here's the deal, guys or at least the ones I know, are most attracted to cute girls.

    Hott girls are great, great for one nighters. No offense to any hott girls out there,

    I still love you guys, but when I see a girl that is just adorably cute, I can't help but

    think that they are relationship material.

    Now lets talk about the difference. Any cute girl can potentially be a hott girl, its all

    about the way you present yourself. You have to be confident and know your hott.

    Start dressing a little skimpier, show a little more cleavage, tighter pants. And when you

    start doubting yourself, just wear less clothes. Oh and be more flirty.

    If it was up to me I would tell you to stick with the cute look, but everyone has their reasons. Remember its all about how you hold yourself up. A girl who is like a 6 can potentially be viewed as an 8 if she were confident enough. Hope that helps. :)


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  • I agree with ideabombs, any cute girl can be hot. Hot girls usually know it and they are complete bitches about it. Guys have millions of girls they can choose from, when girls have a very select few guys. But there is also the exceptions. My ex girlfriend had a lot of potential, and over time through dating me- people saw how "hot" she was and all that. Now it's in her head and she's "too good for me". If you're just cute, stay cute and never forget what you came from. Sudden "hotness" can completely screw you if you use it the wrong way. I love cute girls. :)


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  • I say add alil more confidence but not to the point people look at you like a complete bitch me most guys think of me as the hott bitch just because I'm confident I don't think I'm better then anybody else though and also beczuse I'm not afraid to stand up to a guy lol. You just need to be you honestly I love it when my boyfriend calls me beautiful, adorable, or cute over hott you have to be a happy medium and trust me guys go insain for the cute thing so don't stress bout it

  • Cute is like saying you just passed the bar of being attractive and guys want the whole package usually like sexy looking or really pretty. Cute is ok, do-able. They go for hot like beyonce, or Meghan Fox. Cute is like Drew Barrymore or Mariah Carey in my opinion.