How long would you wait?

how long would you wait before you decide to ask out a girl?

what are some signs you would give her if you are thinking about making her as a potential girlfriend?


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  • Mmm Time Variates With Me Sometimes Id Wait A Day Or Two After Deciding I Like Them, I Used To Take Ages Thought Because Of Confidence Issues? So Everyone Is Different I Guess, But If I Ever Intend To Ask A Girl Out, Signs I Like Her Are Usually Pretty Obvious, Speaking To Her Alot, Hugging Her, Telling Her She's Pretty And You Like Her. I Don't Think Guys Do The Eye Contact And Smiling Thing, I Know I Don't Because I've Been Told Off For Missing Those Things Before From Girls :P Hope This Helps Somewhat?


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  • If I got to know her a little bit and was attracted to her, I would ask her out shortly thereafter. Some years back, I missed out on some potentially great relationships because I hesitated, and I won't make that mistake again.

  • It all really depends on feedback, like how often she will respond back and how often as well as life style and habits.

    Signs, he'll call and he'll ask things and wanting to get know you.


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