Girls what's with it?

What's with the ubiform u girls wear? I see it everywhere. Jeans with leather boots, or leggings with ugs, and gotta have a north face jacket. And why those stupid scarves? Serious question


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  • I wasn't aware guys were do individual. I must be imagining all they ever wear is jeans, sneakers/trainers and tees. In winter that just changes to add hoods or cardigans. And what's up with those hats with the flaps.

    • all I'm saying is if you have a group of five similarly aged guys they will all look so much different if you have a group of five similarly aged girls they will all look the same

    • Not really. Usually, guys and girls who are friends or into the same lifestyle dress very similarly.
      Show me a group of skater guys or hipster guys or hip hop guys etc... who all look different. They don't. Same with girls. They dress in a fashion according to their lifestyle etc... So their friends will probably dress very similarly.
      You obviously know a certain type of girl who always wear leggings and uggs... where I'm from we call them chavs.

    • I attend a very large church and this dress trend can account for all the women under 30

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  • Because it's what's popular among girls. That's how style and trends work. It's the same for guys too

  • its fucking comfty... i guess. i don't really wear those things together but yea. aaaaand scarves are warm so...


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