Would you go for the face or the body?

if there was a slim girl, with a terrible looking face standing at one side of the room, and there was a heavier girl with a cute face standing at the other side of the room, which one would you go for? (If you had to choose one)


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  • Hmm. Well it would kinda depend on how they are.

    If you mean stick these 2 girls in a room and pick one based PURELY on looks, I would say probably the heavier one. I'm a bit more biased towards liking curvy girls.

    Now terrible looking face can mean a couple things. Bad as in she has scars/burns or bad as in she looks inbred 3 generations back? If its scars I really wouldn't mind her face as much. I feel that. That personal pain and anguish and it would make me want to cater to her feelings, even if she was completely past it. Its my weakness. >_<


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  • neither?

    i prefer 1/4 body 1/4 face and 1/2 personality

    I prefer ass of boobs.

    but I need a cute face.

  • Probably the face. The body can usually be worked on but if you're not appealing to me you're not appealing to me...


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