How to wear a dress or skirt when?

Okay so this is going to be awkward so I really hope people can help but how do I wear a dress or skirt when I have stretch marks on my calves that are very noticable. Next week I'm going to a party and have to wear a dress above the knee and I have noticable stretch marks on my calves. I never show my legs for this reason but I really need to wear a dress. It's summer and super hot so stockings is a big no no. Please help I really need it... Damn stretch marks on the calves


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  • You wear them with pride. People will notice and be like "Oh, that's some human shit, whatever" if you don't make a big deal about it.

    • I've tried before and people always point it out and laugh

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    • Because I'm wild.

    • That's it I'm shoving a pistol into my handbag from now on

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  • makeup? I don't know

    • I was thinking that but they may rub off

    • wear like long socks its like a cute girls style

    • It's summer and a dress on its own is really hot to deal with so long socks would be to much

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