Are a likable understanding and charismatic with in confident nature?

not to many people are charismatic ; people on gags. you can you learn confident and good listening skills as well being up beat an positive just like i am :)

you can be a star just like me.

but ask your self if you are charismatic; are you that way?


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  • I know I can be charismatic. It's very easy for me to make people laugh and feel comfortable. The problem I have is that i can't be this way all the time. It makes me tired. So generally, I'm a gremlin of a person with short bursts of charisma.

    • that's right neither I be like all time. You chose when feel being that way. dont talk strangers after 12 :)

    • its hard to be upbeat, positive, nice and entertaining all the time

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  • I don't want to be charismatic. Or draw attention. How the fuck do you manage to hide? That's MY question.

    • you become charismatic so land a better job or go into business.

    • My problem is that I am naturally charismatic. I don't want to be. I'd love to be able to move under the radar without drawing attention.

    • right so true.

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