Which is your favorite make-up line ladies?

Please share your favorite products that you have boughten and roughly how much? And a little detail about it.

Mines the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow.
Gerard cosmetic matte lipsticks.
Milani extreme eye tech pen.

Long lasting and very pigmented a little bit goes a long way.

  • Mac
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  • NYX
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  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
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  • Make-up forever
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  • Milani
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  • I'm kind of all over when it comes to makeup.
    But i like coastal scents or urban decay for their palettes, the colors are really pigmented and smooth but it's not too expensive.
    The balm for highlighters, bronzers (I love the bahama mama bronzer) and blushes.
    Estee Lauder for their double wear mascara and especially for the idealist cooling cream (which makes for a beautiful natural highlight).
    Benefit for their tints (I'm from Australia so these are a life savor in the summer when all other makeup drips off).
    Chanel blushes are also really lovely.
    Dior lipstick, my favorite still is black tie which is this really dark raspberry (but depending on how much you apply can be a soft raspberry or a really bold lip).

    • Some of this stuff sounds amazing! The loreal telescopic mascara is phenomenal seriously!

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    • Oh gosh yes get the mascara I instantly fell in love, and the dipbrow it's $18 and I suggest getting the brush that is suggested with it for another $18 but it's so worth it because seriously a very very tiny bit goes a longggg way so it will last you forever just about and your eyebrows truly look amazing. :) and np.

    • Thank you for mho!

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  • I would have to go with Milani because lets see Mac used bat feces in their products and don't believe me but they do. Make up forever tests on animals due to China wanting it to be tested on an animal before it is sold to a consumer. Anastasia Beverly hills just has products which are very limited for my use and NYX is too bleh - I love makeup but most of them are pumper with so much carcinogens that they all make me want to run for the hills

    • Oh lord lol bat feces 😕

    • Make up forever tests their products on animals? That's horrible!

    • I don't know always 3 sides of the story his hers and the truth lol but yeah that's sad if they do. Shit make up has a lot of animal in them even road kill I read somewhere for the fat.

  • I'm not a big fan of makeup honestly its stupid and hides who you are the most I wear is eyeliner and lipgloss but my fave would be Mac NYC revelin and maybelline

  • Lancome. I'm really addicted to their products which sucks because it's sooo expensive. I like Katt Von D concealers to help with my designer eye bags. All my brushes are Stigma.

  • Mac and Maybelline.

    • Maybelline un-stoppable eyeliner and stiletto liquid liner awesome. Although the make-up forever Aqua black gel liner is great.


    • Mac is good on some products for me, but it can messy at times.

    • I have to try bobby brown what's the best products you think?

    • The nude lipstick, black eye shadow, and eyeliner