Emo/scene wardrobe for winter?

Updating a little more into the wardrobe because its a little challenging since its winter where I live and the and the temperature gets pretty low especially at night it gets somewhere around 20-30 degrease Fahrenheit so need some help with my wardrobe for this winter


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  • You wear a black parka like everyone else.

    Or you wear hoodies and less warm coats over top and likely freeze your ass off.


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  • google "emo winter outfits"

    you may find sth

  • You make dressing "scene/emo" sound like it's a cool thing to do... why not just dress like you would for the winter season, no matter the style. WARM

    • You just don't get it and rather I think its cool or not doesn't matter what matters is me being me and the fact that I'm emo I'm gonna dress emo just looking for a way to dress emo and still be warm cuz honestly even in the winter I wear short sleeves just jackets on too

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    • You can't be emo your entire life. You chose to be emo. A fake emo, but an emo

    • That's where your wrong do some research and leave m alone

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