What Do Guys Like Girls to Wear When Dressing Up?

I have a date to the fall formal. I, obviously, am going to buy a dress. I am wondering:

*Do guys like dresses to show lots of skin, or a little skin, or what?

*Do guys have a preference on what color? I'm probably not going to go with yellow or pink, but is a black dress boring? Does it matter?

*Would you rather have hair down or up. If up, do strands of hair hanging down bug you?



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  • I like it to show the shoulders, but that's about it. I'm fine with black, I've never really had a color preference, so I'd say it doesn't matter unless you it's got a pattern or something on it. I'm not really a fan of patterns meself. I usually like hair down, I think it looks prettier than most up styles I've seen, but up can be really good too if it's done right. Individual strands all over the place bug me but one or two is fine, I also think the side-bang-strand-thing, whatever you girls call it, you know what I'm talking about like when a girl has her hair in a ponytail or something and there's that side-sweep of hair that goes from the forehead to the ear, anyway I think that looks good too. But of course that's just my opinion your date might have different tastes, and I may not be the best person to ask 'cause I've never had a date to any formal event. Good luck I'm sure you'll look fine.

  • This all personal preference but I’ll give my opinion.

    I like a little skin but nothing to revealing. The color really depends on what suits the individual best. While and black are my favorites. I'm definitely a person who likes long flowing hair; so hair down. If it's up I would like a strand or two hanging down in front.

    MY opinion, not yours,



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