Winter formal outfit advice?

Is it ok if I wear a thong under my dress? My dress wouldn't show a underwear line but I want to feel secy and cute. Any other recommendations?

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What Guys Said 1

  • For formal wear? Where are you going? To like a school dance or something?

    • Yes the winter formal next month

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    • Well thanks for your... Opinion xD

    • I really didn't help did I? XD. Sorry. At least I answered. I felt I had to at least do that.

What Girls Said 1

  • Depending on the dress you could even go commando and braless. The sexiest way to go.

    • I feel like your not being serious! I would never do that!!

    • Haha, sorry I didn't mean to bother you, it's only that I did not see the point abouth a thong that obviously you're gonna be the only one who'll see it and feel sexy and cute that way. Of course you could wear a thong or a g string or anything that make you feel sexy and cute, but above everything it should make you feel comfortable. So if a thong make you feel that way, then you'll feel comfortable wearing it under your dress and then you'll be able to make everyone see you sexy and cute. Maybe that's what you wanted to know. And again sorry for bothering you. :))