How do I pull off the trashy college kid look?

My hair is really long and thick and turns into an afro so it doesn't seem as long as it is. I don't know whether I should cut it or grow it out more and find a style that works. I have awlays been clean shaven and buzzed my hair but Im trying out the trashy college guy look just for fun and it seems girls at the clubs like it so I want to continue it. The issus is I don't know what to do with my hair to keep it under control and my five o'clock shadow is hard to maintain and needs careful trimming. If I can avoid going clean cut I will but I don't know how to style my hair cause I never grew it out like this.



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  • Wear v neck tee shirts and jeans
    Hair put gel in it if u wnat it straight or just cut it

    • Do you like the trashy look? I just noticed that a lot of girls that go clubbing every weekend with me tell me I'm trashy hot.

    • For me it depends on the guy. At a club that look works but at school guys in khakis are perfect

    • Lol in college i haven't worn jeans let alone khakis. I only wear sweat pants and gym shorts.

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  • Study Ryan Reynolds' movies. Then become like him.

    • Will do lol I already act loud and flirty.