Should I change my look for professional reasons?

Hey guys. I'm currently a college senior and I am dealing with the dreadful reality that at some point soon I will be looking for a job. Anyways, as you can see from my profile picture I enjoy a specific look that makes me happy. However, I am concerned that this "look" is going to prevent me from getting a job. The field I am looking into is public relations.

So assume that you say "yeah you have to change that style". What type of hairstyle would you recommend for my face.

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  • From what I can tell your hair style isn't as over the top as some people I've seen, I wouldn't suggest anything as severe as changing hair color from what you have, maybe just comb it in a more conservative fashion (just get the bangs out of your eyes. Employers want to be able to look you in the eye on an interview) in combination with traditional shirt and tie for interviews. Find out what the generally accepted level of comfort is first and then you can notch it back up a bit after you've gotten the job. (keeping in mind that there's an acceptable level of personal originality in fields like the one you're aiming for, just try not to over step the line.)


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  • Well first thing, first... Your hair isn't completely "bizarre, out of the normal, crazy, or weird"

    But... In the professional world, if you want to be taken as professional, appearance is very important. I mean think about it... in the Army you must shave your hair!

    My advice for you is to get rid of the red (at least). You don't have to cut your hair, but brush it back when at work.


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  • Can't see your picture very well but from what I can see is that you need to dye your hair. Multi colored hair will keep you from getting a job pretty much anywhere especially if it's un-natural colors. You could always style it differently from when you're at work. Pull it behind your ear so it's not in your face.

    I don't see any but piercings need to be taken out. Sux but it's just the facts of life. You might luck out and get a job that doesn't care but that's rare espeacially considering the feild you're looking for.

    Tattoo's need to be covered. Hope you don't have any on your hands or neck because if so you're pretty much screwed. Although they do sell tattoo covering makeup. So you might want to invest in some if you need to.

    On a final note some things do have to be considered when looking for work. Most big cities will be more loose with a dress code where as small towns won't even look at you twice. Most jobs though it really depends on the employer rather then what you look like. When you know for you got the job ask about what would be allowed conserning things like hair color, visible tattoos, etc.

    Trust me I know what I'm talking about I've been turned down by so many jobs because of my apearance.

  • i wouldn't hire you