Any hair tips for growing out my hair?

my hair was sort of on the verge of damaging before my stylist caught it. it has been about 2 years now and my hair is growing out but i want the process to speed up. any advice?


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  • Think happy thoughts. Makes everything grow faster


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  • i guess you can't... you have to be patient :-)


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  • Let me c/p you something I wrote on a similar question:
    - Take Biotin supplements.
    - Avoid using hair-spray, hair-gel & avoid wearing hats or beanies.
    - Use a sulfate-free shampoo (like Nioxin or Nexxus).
    - Massage your hair scalp for 10 minutes a day with an oil (olive, avocado, coconut, grape seed, argan etc) of your choice. Or you can use a product called Mythic Oil (It's a combination of avocado oil & grape seed oil).
    - Foods you should involve in your diet: fish, eggs, spinach, pork, chicken, spinach, beans, walnuts, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, avocado, chea seeds, coconut milk, oysters & blueberries.
    - Avoid brushing your hair.
    - Wash it once every other day or every 2 days.