Which sounds the best and most memorable?

I am having trouble choosing what work should go on the end of my etsy shop name:

SouthPaw____? Shoppe, Workshop, or Shack?

to help you vote, I will be selling a lot of the following general items, in the state of Florida:
Paracord suvival bracelets, paracord accessories (keychains, knife handles, gun slings, lanyards etc .)
Crochet and possible knitting items (coasters, bags, cute hats mittens scarves ect)
Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings etc (tribal style with bone beads, shells, wood beads, hemp and cordage, etc OR silver jewelry type with trinkets charms, metal wiring and non tribal themes)
Sewing products (bags, possible clothes, hats, kids toys, stuffed animals, aprons, tote bags and such)
Possible drawings, sketches, paintings and watercolors
Dream catchers (self explanitory) or wind chimes
Possible carving in the future, possible wood work, leather works, and other art such as sculpting or even glass works.
I want this shop to give visitors a feel of island style laid back living, mixed with tribal and woodland forests, A love-all store and a sort of peace style attitude. The things I sell will be beautiful, yet touch and strong. I make my crafts so that they will not break easily, no matter how delicate they may look.

thanks for voting!

  • SouthPawWorkshop
    Vote A
  • SouthPawShack
    Vote B
  • SouthPawShoppe
    Vote C
  • SouthPaw______? (other, see comments!)
    Vote D
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  • SouthPawShack rolls of the tongue much better.


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