How long for my hair to grow?

So i got my hair cut like lots of maybe 4inches? from the middle of my back to just above my shoulders due to my hair be very dead as i have curly hair an am ugly with it so i straighten it but now my hair has gone so much i look uglier is their any pill or help to grow more?

Sorry for my bad English in area but any help would be accepted happily :)


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  • I don't know of any pill. But I have the same issue you do with very short hair and it's curly. I have to keep getting it cut because of the dead ends which is due to dryness and me straightening it so much. But what I did is I went out and bought extensions and I put them in whenever my hair is damp and I braid my hair so that way I can have the length I want but I don't have to straighten it and damage my hair further. I don't wear them every day cause that causes damage to the roots

    • I googled this and apparently something called Biotin helps strengthen hair and help growth, just incase its useful for you to :D

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