What do guys find sexier?

Are guys more turned on by girls who wear tight fitting clothes that cover them (like long and snug yoga pants and a shirt that wraps around her chest, but shows no cleavage) or loose fitting clothes that show lots of skin (likeshort shorts and a low loose flowing top)?

  • Modest, but tight
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  • Loose, but revealing
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  • Both listed are slutty outfits.

    • Look kid, you shouldn't be going around slut-shaming (nor should you have an account on this website). Instead of calling women sluts or calling what they wear "Slutty", you should just focus on getting out of middle school. Just my take. ;)

    • Look, I wasn't calling YOU or anyone else a slut, I was sharing **my take** on these particular outfits. And, excuse me? There are plenty of people my age who have accounts on here. Oh, and I'm currently homeschooled. ;)

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