How do I get attention?

people say that i m really pretty but i dont think so. i want to be more pretty. i have very big and massive eyebrows which look really awful. they make me look bad. but the rest part of my face is really gud. my lips nd eyes are very attractive but my eyebrows are very very very bad.
can this be the reason that i feel i look bad?
after threading my eyebrows , will i look pretty?


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  • Eyebrows are a very important part of the face. If you think it looks bad then yes, absolutely get it done. I get my eyebrows done at a salon every month cause it really makes a huge ass difference to my face and it will probably be the same for you too. My brows are thick and grow out very bushy too (think Cara Delevingne) and I notice a clear before and after difference.

    Another area you can focus on is your hair. What style do you do your hair in? Look at some YouTube hair tutorials for some nice hairstyles.


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  • Eyebrows are very important. They are the frame of your face. Do them at a salon at first and eventually you ll learn doing them on your own.

    Put some makeup on, like lipstick, mascara etc.
    Form a personal style
    Practice good hygiene
    Be confident
    be polite

  • First of all, it's good, not gud. My phone wouldn't even let my type that. Seriously, how hard is it to type "good"?

    And if you want attentions just dress really slutty.

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